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M.C. Iglesias

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M.C. Iglesias (Maria Clara Iglesias Rondina) is an American-Argentinian-Spanish artist who currently lives in the city of Madrid, Spain. She holds a B.F.A. from the Escuela Provincial de Artes Visuales Prof. Juan Mantovani of Santa Fe (Argentina).

In addition, she graduated from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid (Spain), obtaining a B.A. and M.A. in Italian Philology. She also holds a Ph.D. in Italian Studies from Yale University (U.S.A.).

Several of her artworks are in private collections in the U.S.A. and Argentina. She has also participated in solo and collective exhibits.

M.C.’s drawings and paintings combine elements of nature with objects and antiques. There is a sense of peaceful joy and nostalgia in the artworks she creates.

Artist’s Statement

My art constantly moves between two tensions: a mode of inner communication and visual language, and an impulse to provoke a moment of reflection in the viewer. In the construction of those tensions, I am influenced by different literary and philosophical sources, as well as by great artists who have created their own worlds, such as Bosch and some medieval anonymous miniaturists.

The medium that I employ conditions the form of my visual language. In my drawings I tend to create intricate paths and figures that aim at channeling complex ideas and thoughts, whereas in my paintings I deploy a more playful language that, although profound, eludes such complexities.

Finally, through my artworks I try to search into the idea of ‘mystery’, a part of existence that only generates questions and wonder. Similarly to Hamlet’s words to Horatio, my art encapsulates Shakespeare’s reflection: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio/ Than are dreamt of in your philosophy” (Hamlet, I.v.167-68).

Maria Clara Iglesias Rondina (M.C. Iglesias)


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